Posted on 18-05-2009
Scotland’s Futures Forum Event


Scotland’s Futures Forum

Location: Scotland

In association with the KDOS Steering Group, Scotland's Futures Forum invited a wide range of participants to Voices of Hope and Optimism, Recovery from Alcohol and Drug problems. This followed up on SFF's year long project, "Fresh Perspectives on Alcohol and Drugs" which reported in 2008. The event focused on discussing how community-led actions by…

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Welcome to Lifeline and FEAD (Film Exchange on Alcohol and Drugs). This project has been shaped by the wealth of experience, openness, and knowledge of the contributors. You are invited to comment on the clips, which are supported by footnotes to which you can add. FEAD is an ongoing Lifeline Project initiative.

Lifeline Project: In 1971 the Lifeline Project opened a day centre for drug users in Manchester. Since its foundation Lifeline has grown and developed, and now works in a diverse range of settings across the UK. Our purpose is to relieve poverty, sickness and distress among those persons affected by addiction to drugs of any kind, and to educate the public on matters relating to drug misuse.