Professor William Julius Wilson Part 7: From persistent poverty to upward mobility
Posted on 18-06-2011
From persistent poverty to upward mobilityFrom persistent poverty to upward mobility


Creating Good Lives Conference

Location: Glasgow

Keynote speaker: Professor William Julius Wilson ' Why both Social Structure and Culture Matter in a Holistic Analysis of Inner-City Poverty'. Dr Carol Craig is Chief Executive, Centre for Confidence and Well-being Glasgow This conference was designed to help participants gain a better understanding of the type of social problems which have become endemic in…

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Lifeline Project: In 1971 the Lifeline Project opened a day centre for drug users in Manchester. Since its foundation Lifeline has grown and developed, and now works in a diverse range of settings across the UK. Our purpose is to relieve poverty, sickness and distress among those persons affected by addiction to drugs of any kind, and to educate the public on matters relating to drug misuse.